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We all go into cosmetic surgery expecting wonderful things, and rightfully so; after all, most procedures are not inexpensive or easy to go through, so they need to provide good outcomes to be worth the commitment it takes. Unfortunately, things do not always work out ideally, particularly when it comes to rhinoplasty (nose job). Sometimes the patient has too high of an expectation, and sometimes the surgeon fails to deliver the results according to good standards or patient instructions. Occasionally, a secondary or ” revision rhinoplasty” becomes necessary. If a patient has already undergone rhinoplasty surgery but is dissatisfied with the results, he or she can undergo a secondary cosmetic nose job.  A complex injury to the nose could also necessitate revision nose job surgeries.


Are you Getting Rhinoplasty Surgery in Bethesda Maryland?

The beauty of a person cannot be measured by physical appearance. This statement might be true to some persons who never experienced being physically ugly. What if you aren’t blessed with a beautiful face, seductive eyes, and high and attractive nose? You might felt the physical imperfection that could lead to insecurity. This will just make you feel insignificant and will lower your self-confidence. Do you want to change your destiny through making a physical improvement? Then, you need the help of a rhinoplasty surgeon. Luckily for Maryland residents Bethesda has a lot of professional surgeons.

The rhinoplasty is referred to as a nose surgery or professionally known as a nose job. This aims to improve the proportion and appearance of your nose. This is also enhancing self confidence and facial harmony. In addition to that, this also can correct the impaired breathing that caused by structural abnormalities in your nose. The benefit of having rhinoplasty in Bethesda MD is that you will have many doctors to choose from.  This surgery will change your nose and give it a good shape and attractive appearance together with the perfect shape of your face. The rhinoplasty can provide you a big change in your nose shape and appearance. The following are reasons why people want to rely on rhinoplasty.

  • the nose profile with apparent humps
  • the nose size, making it perfectly match to your needs and requirements
  • the nose width
  • the nostrils which are wide and large
  • the nasal deviation and symmetry
  • the nasal tip, which is bulbouse or large


The Rhinoplasty Procedure

The rhinoplasty procedure usually takes between 1 and 2 hours. If you have already done some reconstructive work on your face or if you have more complicated facial procedure, the rhinoplasty surgery may take quite longer. Your plastic surgeon will inform you about what you need and to expect in your case. If your plastic surgeon is starting your rhinoplasty, your nose skin will be isolated from the cartilage and bone which support it. The cartilage and bone framework is then molded in order to achieve the required shape which your plastic surgeon and you agreed on. You can find numerous techniques which your plastic surgeon may perform, of course it will depend on your case and the result you want to expect. This will also depend on what types of methods of your plastic surgeon prefers to use on your case.  After the bone and cartilage have been molded or shaped into their new appearance, the skin your nose will be put over them. Then, your plastic surgeon will give you some ointment or other treatments that can heal the wounds rapidly.

The rhinoplasty procedure is a good medical choice if you are physically healthy, not taking any unnecessary drugs, and you don’t smoke. It is also a good option for those who have a healthy facial growth or is completely developed. In some cases, the plastic surgeon allows a person to have this surgery at the age of 13 years.

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